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Your ability to bounce back quickly and progress forward is your resiliency.  How many times, during a life pivot, has your resilience been tested? How many times has your resilience been tested for its durability?  For its mere existence?  During an abrupt life pivot it probably feels like an unending series of unwelcomed pop quizzes that you have to face alone.

There are two types  of life pivots:  one is abrupt and unplanned, the other is calculated, motivated, and executed with precision. Abrupt life pivots often leave us reeling at what the next step could possibly be.  It would be great to have a hybrid helper.  A person with a smorgasbord of skill sets and talents to help you change from lane A to lane B. It would be somebody who is knowledgeable about the specific, abrupt life pivot you are going through and access to a valuable toolbox of resources to get you through this abrupt, life, lane change.

Allow me your, life pivot coach, to do the research, swot, and plot your next move.  You don’t have to be alone when the St#@!*!f hits the fan.  Let me hold your hand through this bump in the road and successfully get you to that next life chapter. Just shoot me an email about what your particular issue is and I’ll set aside an hour to help.  At $50/hour it will be well worth it to know you don’t have to go through your situation blind and alone.

Everyone needs help sometimes.


It is the unaccounted, uncategorized, unacknowledged hurt that returns unhealed.  Some think it unfair when a person who is a black public figure/entertainer gets backlash for agreeing to perform at this particular inaugural event. Others think it is righteous anger.  I say, until, the American people, the American culture and system, acknowledges the psychological effects of hateful, bigoted acts that has gone unhealed, there will always be backlash.

Let me explain.  Germany to this day acknowledges the atrocities of the holocaust as wrong, and hurtful to state it succinctly.  Some of their own countrymen would mistakenly accuse Germany of perpetuating a “guilt culture.”1 Human psychology dictates that trauma be acknowledged, recognized, unpacked, processed, spoken and stated, because it promotes healing.

My take on the backlash to black celebrities agreeing to perform at the inaugural event.

I believe there has been no real healing.  I believe there has been no real acknowledgement of the psychological trauma and effects of slavery, lynching, bigoted, hateful violent acts that have occurred against a very human segment of the American population, “black”2 people.  And you know where the least acknowledgement comes from? – – “black” people.  How can we expect the world to see our humanity when we as a collective refuse to see it?

Human psychology is real. It is the explanation to why Steve Harvey thinks we should stop being affected, by the past and move on.  It is the reason why Jennifer Holiday thought emotions had calmed when they didn’t.  It is the reason bullying exists. It is the explanation to why my mother’s anger made sense to her and not to me. It is the reason why you see people speaking to people who aren’t there.  It is the reason why rage exists and manifests in violent behavior.  It is the reason why police officers develop a policy of fear first instead of service first. It is the reason why hyper vigilance plagues a veteran after they return home from the war.  It is the reason why people live in denial and delusion, willfully. It is the reason some individuals cling to the comfort of their ignorance.  It is the reason why fighting “black” people are more entertaining to watch then “black” people who get along. It is the reason why some “white” people get uncomfortable or angry, or fearful when the issue of race is brought up.

Pain, trauma, anguish, unresolved rage, fear and anger create dis-ease in the human mind. If left concealed, obfuscated, and unprocessed, it turns into mental disease. It turns into physical disease. It turns into permanent discord, dysphoria and disorientation. I postulate that we are the United Asylums of America©2017. One day we shall become The United States of America. One day “black” people will understand each other, truly, and be healed.


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  2. Reason why I place the words black and white in quotes:  These words are a societal construct. They were developed to create division among the human race to perpetuate a sense of disconnection and incongruency.  We must stop investing in its use.